Message from the Rector of the University

Dear students and teachers!

Our country is changing rapidly in every cell of it. Today in Albania there is a great desire for knowledge, for education, for acquiring knowledge, for expanding competencies, for enhancing capacities, for moving at the same pace as change. In order to respond appropriately to the changes, in order to be more coherent with the demands of the time, our University has undertaken a number of initiatives, such as: restructuring the teaching disciplines, promoting them internationally and internationalizing them. These are the safest ways to have a quality University, with many capacities in terms of scientific research, didactic refinement, to serve the development of the region as worthily as possible.

Our goal is to promote value, knowledge, science, culture, develop talent, build competencies and support enterprises and employment.

Together we strive every day for our University to remain a model of values, of many contributions that directly impact the sustainable development of the society where we live, study and act as an academic institution.

Our academic community is made up of professors, lecturers, technical-administrative staff and students. All of these elements cannot do without each other, serving as a vital part of the development of the University.

Professors and lecturers have the mission of transmitting knowledge to students. They must be fair, patient, willing to give any explanation required. Together, we must seek ways to explore the unknown and solve every problem.

All of this is addressed by our call to uphold the name of the University, to bring back to life the quality of teaching and research, to continue our 50-year tradition of training brilliant professionals.

Our attention is focused on all the students, who are the primary, most important part of this body. They are the ones who are dedicated to the mission of spreading knowledge, creating conscious, educated citizens, ready to face the challenges of life and prepare for the future. They should feel involved and actively involved in this mission, giving their valuable contribution and continuing to be very proud to be students of the University of Gjirokastra.

In the function of providing the necessary services there is a dedicated technical-administrative staff, who with his work, readiness and devotion, makes it possible to support and accomplish the academic mission.

I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be part of a university community that believes in the beauty of passionate work, sincere emotions and constructive enthusiasm.

With respect,

Prof. dr. Bektash MEMA